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February 18, 2011

Putting Work Aside And Coming Back To It

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Putting work aside and coming back to it is tempting when I want to get so many words down on paper. It is tempting to continue writing even when all the information I wrote down seems to slow down after a while in a day that I write. For me, my mind is like drinking water; so drenched with chapters of stories to write, but like a glass of water reaching to its last drop from a glass, so is my mind getting tired. I then realize that my notebook has to be put aside for a while. At that moment, I have to make a tough decision whether to keep going or wait hours later to continue again. I never want to stop writing at that moment, but what makes me become rational is when I believe another tough decision has to be made. Yet, this decision is not as tough as the first. It is the decision to either continue writing, knowing that it may not come out the way I want it to when reviewing it later, or leaving it for a while. Yet, 9 out of 10 times, when I take a break and feel restful, my words and overall work is like a great recipe. I also felt it was important for me toput down my notebook and pen and take a day off each week. This gives my mind and body way more energy than I can imagine. Putting work aside and taking a break not shows how affective my writing is when I start my first sentence or do a revision. I believe it is noticed by editors after submission process. I don’t think too much about errors after sending my work in.


February 7, 2011

The Pens And The Writer

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Ever go into a bookstore, an art store, or even a supermarket to find pens. There are all kinds of pens for writers. There are pens that have designs, plain inks and colorful inks, and different shapes and dimension. Pens are either in packs or individual with a price that can range from one dollar to twenty dollar. Sure, some pens can be pricey, but why are they? Why are they getting more unique than ever before? In my opinion, pens are like shoes and cars. In my opinion, many writers, such as myself, spend a little time finding the “the right pen” before
purchasing it. Of course, just like shoes and cars are material objects, pens are too, but the kind of pen a writer buys represent a unique style about them, and/or a style in their writing. There’s a broad range of writers: fiction, non-fiction, poets, resume writers, contributors to magazines, journalist, copywriters, and the list goes on. I do believe that some companies make a variety of pens, because they want the writer to enjoy the design and the smooth flow of the pen’s ink, while enjoying writing at the same time. There is no one type of pen for
one type of writing. I do think that there are hundreds of pens created; there is the right pen for the writer that feels it is unique to them. Shopping for pens is not boring for many writers. We are creative and so are our pens.

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