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March 5, 2011


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Revisions are not slow and dreary when I revise articles and poetry I wrote. It only takes about 30 minutes to do revisions for these. When it comes to novel drafts, doing a revision is long. After the first revision is completed, I have to start on page one again and do multiple revisions. Novel writing is enjoyable, but takes a lot of patience. It is alright to think of writing everything down all at once, but in reality, it takes months or more to write each chapter. Each month brings new ideas, because ideas are everywhere. Yet, revision is honestly tedious sometimes, but has to be done. Sometimes, I think, if only the manuscript was near perfect, just perfect! That is obviously a dream to have a manuscript perfect when I finish the last chapter. There are pros and cons for revisions. The cons are correcting, rewriting, and adding what I did not write in the story constantly. I have to do this multiple times. I also have to put it down and come back to it with fresh eyes, so that I can have a clear idea than before.  The pros are practice and the feeling after completing a potential novel. Practice is always important after writing a manuscript. You are your own editor. You want to be proud of your work and finish the manuscript. I believe I want to have a full and well read manuscript in my hand. Doing revisions and completing it is necessary, but all is worth it at the end. Hard work, in this case, multiple revisions, does pay off.


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