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March 16, 2011

Critiques Are Important For All Material Submissions

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It is crucial to have someone else look at your finish manuscript. I also learn that it is equally important to have someone else also look at your finished query letter, cover letter, synopsis, and outline. The query letter and cover letter helps me with making my story more clearer. You know when you re-read and edit you material constantly; the draft of a query letter helps the manuscript. When another person reads it the first time, the mistakes and some parts not connecting with the manuscripts is present. Some writers realize that there is a difference in some parts of the query letter that is not matching or align with the manuscript as a whole. I actually believe that this critique is important and actually a great thing, even though I have to go back and flip through over one hundred pages of chapters to find what is not making sense and then rewrite and/or delete again. I realized this short one page letter is actually a powerful piece that can shape your manuscript. A query letter is made to be submitted to an editor or literary agent. Before it is submitted, it should align with what the manuscript is all about. When it is not fully align with what you thought the whole manuscript was about, it helps you to go back once again to make necessary changes. Our stories in our heads sometimes go much faster to what we write down on paper. The query letter helps with this. Of course, the outline is always the first and most important thing to write before you do a manuscript. What I found is that some writers such as myself, write and write, following the outline. Yet, it sometimes can be difficult to condense the beginning to end; the theme; what it is about summed up in less than 30 seconds. It is o.k. to be a writer with this, not every writer is the same. Yet, knowing that not only a manuscript needs another set of eyes and critique discussions, but the query letter, cover letter, synopsis, outline, all have to match up. This will let you, as the writer, be satisfied with presenting a completed and understandable work.  Then, the readers, with final review, will clearly know what the story is about before it is submitted to editors and literary agents.


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