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April 13, 2011

Envelopes To Editors And The Mail Post Office

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Walking into a mail post office with large size envelopes in my hands, I got nervous while standing in front of a mail slot that says “Out of Town.” I got an adrenaline feeling. I said “this is it.” I put the envelopes that contain query letters, synopsis, and a few chapters of my manuscript in the mail slot. I then breathed in deeply and then out. At that moment, I realized that the hard work is now in the hands of Literary Agents and book publishers. For many writers, it is the same feeling when they send resumes are sent out through mail or email. The difference for writers is that editors usually respond in a few weeks or in a month. Of course, that is if the SASE is included with the package. I believe this makes many writers more nervous, as suppose to people sending a resume for a career and don’t really know the predictable time frame they may get an answer.

Turning away from the mail slot and walking towards the exit door of the post office, thoughts are floods in my head. Many writers go through questions that lead to doubt and excitement at the same time. Still, it is the act of doing the steps to reach a goal. I believe being nervous is not only normal, but also a good thing. Writers realize that whatever happens, they did the act of trying. Whatever letter comes back to them from an editor, writes will learn something new from it.


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