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May 11, 2011

Two Manuscripts Gives New Ideas For Each

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Did anyone ever tell you to start on your next novel when you’re in the middle of writing one or near finishing one? I think it is an excellent idea. It’s not about rushing your manuscript to editors. It’s about doing something that will make your current manuscript better. Spending too much time on one story can take the enjoyment out of it. You may then feel that all you’re doing is just writing and new ideas do not come clearer. It may be because you did not take time out from it. Writing the current manuscript would not take you more than a year to write if you take occasional breaks and write another potential novel or short story. I think it not only make the manuscript better, but faster. When I take breaks from it and write another manuscript, in the time I spend away from the first one that was near to completion, ideas kept coming to my head. I just kept notes on my small note pad. I knew what paragraph to delete, what chapter to change, and what potential chapter to add. The final chapter has to be priceless. Working on the other story gave me ideas for the final chapter.  All of this could not come to my mind if I had written with no other projects in the works. I truly believe it is also vice-versa. In my opinion, it is not a good idea for a writer to stick to one manuscript and then start on another one when the first one is completed. There is a process that will take up you time such as submitting by mail or email to multiple editors. Many literary agents and editors ask for little to a whole stack of materials. Of course, ideas for potential stories changes, but writing a list of titles of potential stories and picking one to write while you’re completing your manuscript may be the way to go.


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