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September 7, 2011

The Letterhead and the Professionals

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Submitting a query letter is one step closer to submitting your manuscript. Having a cover letter with your manuscript is necessary. We take our time writing the letter and let others review it before we submit it to editors. I think that when we write a letter, we have to be professionals at it. Of course, we make sure the grammar is correct and the letter is structured the right way. Yet, we can do much more to the letters before it is sent to professional people who have a whole load of letters to read. There are two things that make editors and literary agents want to read. First, it is the potential story itself, and then it is the letterhead. Many publishers want you to submit by email. Still, with those that want materials to be sent by regular mail, it’s good to put more effort to it. It’s easy to take regular paper from the printer, create a letter head, and print it out.  With the letter head you have a variety of different shades of colors or small print designs in the background of the letterhead. In my opinion, the type of paper should be similar to a resume paper. The creative print or different colors are not what you would have on a resume paper, but the letterhead represents the individual as a professional author, novelist, or poet. The best suggestion I can give is to treat your submission process the same way you treat a job application or a job interview. Your letterhead is a reflection of your professionalism as a professional writer. Of course, there isn’t any problem with just printing out a regular paper from your printer. But I believe professional writers should consider putting more effort when submitting to editors.


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