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October 1, 2011

A List And A Schedule

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We have a list of writing projects and sometimes some writers want to finish their list (depending on how long it is) at once. Can it be done? Yes. Yet, the next question is, is it smart? In my opinion, the answer is no.

We can complete six or seven projects, such as few novel chapters, poems, short stories, articles, next novel outline, etc., in weeks or a month. Then, there is a good chance that you will be disorganized. Your mind will be filled with a list to do and you will miss out on what you really want to write. You really don’t want to complete something, because of a time table you give yourself because of other works (before you give it to publishers). Then when you submit it in, you realize you should have added something that will make your work much stronger and more effective. Of course, if you have a deadline set by editors, by all means, do what you have to do.

Think of setting a schedule. I first make a list that includes future novel, short stories, poems, and other works. Then I look at my list and see what I can really do now and what I can save for later. I try to even my list. Depending on how long it is, for example, if I have six writing materials I need to do, I do three until the three are completely done. Then I do the other three.  After all six are completed, I start on a new list and I take my time while I do it again.

If it is a novel as one of the three, I know it will take longer, but I finish one of the other two and then replace what I completed with another one on my list. If I completed two on my list and still I’m working on my novel, I add another two. As for the days, I put one or two things on my list for two to three days straight. Then I put one project to the side and do two for the next three days, and then so on.

I found that my work was better because my mind was clearer; waiting to add more information in what I write before I submit it in. I was also eager to add more potential writing materials on a new list.

In my opinion, your list will get shorter until you’re ready to add more. You won’t be consumed like before.


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