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November 9, 2011

Are You Ready For A Review

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As a first time published novelist, the stakes are higher. Everything in the publishing process of my novel is new to me. Of course, I am a little relieved to know that I have a publisher who helps on their end. Yet, when the novel is out to the public especially to reviewers, I get a bit nervous. Do you? Many readers will be reading reviews and making their judgments before buying the book. Again, this just tells you, the stakes are higher as a first time published novelist.

Some authors take reviews very seriously. Others do not take it too much to heart. Many authors, such as myself, do both.

Each reviewer is entitled to their own opinion. Many of them are professionals at it. I guess, when reading reviews, you almost have to judge which review is worth reading. You can sometimes almost tell when they are straight on in what they write.

Am I ready for a review? In my opinion, like all published novelists, generally we have no choice. The only physical choice we have is either opening our eyes or keeping them closed. Which is the better choice, yes, opening our eyes. We want to see the reviews, yet we don’t want to either. It’s like going into a fitting room to try on an outfit you think is great and then waiting for an answer from your most trusted and honest people around you. You painstakingly want to hear the truth even if you love the outfit. I view book reviewers the same way.

Sometimes authors say to themselves that some reviewers should not write reviews. Yet, if many have similar opinions, then they are right in their reviews. Whether I agree or disagree with it, it says something. It lets me know and be prepared for my next novel.

Am I ready for a review? I am now.



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