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August 19, 2013

Making Your Website Easier For Readers

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An author asked me to review their website on creativity, grammar, word flow. I was surprised for I am not an expert with creating a website. I agreed to tell the author my honest opinion, but I also found myself wearing several hats. I was an editor and a temporary website designer. Sure, I created my website with the help of templates and other helpful tools included, but I was still thankful to have an opportunity to make my suggestions. Generally speaking, asking someone else for a valid opinion is always a smart idea. I, myself, asked others for an opinion on various projects.

As I reviewed the website, my first impression was the clutter on the first page.  The paragraph was very long (and I’m not exaggerating). It also included many images on the first page of the author’s website. I think websites should be short and to the point in each web page you have. If you want to add more things, add an extra page, but don’t go overboard with it! I understand why the author put almost every detail of words and images about the book on the first page, this is where readers will look first, but also believe that you shouldn’t hurt the reader’s brain, because your readers are already reading two hundred plus pages of your novel. Let them gradually know about your books, and other relevant details by organizing your web visit.

Before creating your site, put on paper an outline. What do you want the first, second, third, fourth, and the last page to look like? Design each page on paper or on the computer using word document. Treat your creation of your website the way you write your book, meaning, edit and revise. Before you publish your website, always have someone else look at it. Have a few people review and offer their opinions (you don’t have to agree to every single opinion offered to you). Even though you are editing your words the same way you edit your stories, know that there is a difference. The words on the website have to be very short. This is known as copywriting. Make it short and to the point. Read ads in magazines or on billboards for to get examples.

Lastly, if creating your website on your own, even with templates, is difficult, or if you only have the patience for writing, try hiring a web designer to help you. Major companies such as Vista Print, 1 and 1, and Intuit have a website design team service that can help you customize your webpage. Remember, when welcoming people to view your website, it is important to let them read with ease.


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