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June 21, 2014

Removing A Writing Obstacle

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I don’t believe in writer ‘s block. I’m sorry, but I don’t buy it. I think it’s better to dissect the two word’s ‘writer’ and ‘block’ to make my thoughts much clearer to you. Writers write. Simple, right? You take a pen and begin to create words on paper, but it’s not that simple and many complain it’s because of writers block. Metaphorically speaking, a block is something invisible that hinders you from continuing writing more on paper.

Ask yourself this question. How long, how many hours have your wrote? How many pages have ink on it? How many days did you move your pen left to right and right to left. Has your hand started to ache a little. Are the muscle in your fingers cramped, even slightly? Are you getting migraines after a while? Would you continue to write if this frequently happens? Do you notice that your words do not flow better, because you keep stopping to care for your hands or even need an aspirin for migraines from stress of wanting more words to fill up on a page? Can it be the same for your brain? What about another example. Many work 9 to 5, 35 hours a week, but rarely does anyone work 7 days a week. What happens if you do? Can you function? Sure, you can walk, talk, hold a briefcase or a tote bag, but can you really function and do your daily tasks. Would your employer even want you to come into work, because he or she knows there’s a good chance you will not function properly? Why bother. So why is writing any different. Yes, it’s creative. That’s the fun part. It’s a hobby-that’s if you’re not pursuing your materials to become public on a later date and doing the promotion process after. When a writer experiences a point of fogginess in their mind, it may be time to take a moment to get away from the computer or your notebook. That’s the hard part and this is when writing is not that simple.

Just fathom on this. In a way, having ‘writer’s block’ is exactly a special moment, a standstill period where it’s okay to say thanks. A moment where pushing yourself very hard for words and being aggravated seems useless for a reason. It’s that moment you can do things you feel you need to do other than writing, but relating to writing.

I’ll explain it a little further. Once you’re away from your desk, your mind is recharging. It’s preparing.

Your eyes are wondering. So much ideas are beginning to filter in your head. Sometimes it takes a day or two and once in a while it takes a week or two and this is still good. your allowing yourself to absorb your dreams, imagination, the everyday real world events. I think writer’s block means you’re blocking you. Allow yourself to remove this by observing opportunities ready to be at your full potential. Inspiration can strike at any moment if you take a break and allow it.


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