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February 2, 2012

A Positive Book Review Brings More Test To A Novelist

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I was ecstatic after receiving positive reviews for my mystery novel called, Dismantling Vindictiveness. Being overjoyed also came with considerable responsibilities. Two book reviewers wrote that they could not wait for the next novel. One reviewer, who gave me both a positive and negative review in her statement, said she knows by this book, my next book will be good. It leads to a level of optimism, uncertainty, and a challenge all at once for me.

As a novelist, you write the stories that are true to you and not what sells in the market. That said, you’re also trying to satisfy readers and book reviewer’s expectations. I agree with those who critique my work that each book gets better and better. It is because you know your mistakes and your success before and after the novel is published. Still, there’s sense of fear and doubt that I believe needs to happen not only to me, but to other writers as well. The doubt and fear of publishing the next book creates a challenge. I believe it pushes a writer to be ready for the next test and motivates them. I have no idea how my next book reviews will be, but I know the expectations among readers and reviewers increases, and I am up to the test again as a novelist.

Fear and doubt is not supposed to take hold on a writer. Also, not having a sense of fear in your bones most likely brings tremendous mistakes, because you become over confident and not humble.  When a sense of fear kicks in, you don’t stop writing or leave it aside for a while until you decide to get to it later. You find a way to make your writing better and stronger to create a great story.


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